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Born and raised in Northern California, I've always had a deep passion for the arts. As a little girl, I knew I would be pursing my dreams of moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in performing. As an artist, I truly believe that art can be expressed in so many different ways, there is no wrong way of how you show it. I was so blessed to be able to keep training my talents and graduate from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy with my Bachelors in Musical Theatre. Since then, I've been able to participate in different productions, both on stage and on screen, with some unforgettable talent. Not only have I been in amazing projects, but I also have a great support team behind me. 

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of this continuing journey and I can't express my gratitude any more. Thank you for believing in me. Let's start flying.

- April Lam

About April Lam

my interview with wdep radio.


Where are you from? I am originally from San Jose, California. My family, except for my parents and one uncle, are all in Hong Kong.
How tall are you? I am 5”5’.
What are your measurements? Bust: 34" Waist: 28" Hips: 35"
How long have you been modeling? I’ve been modeling for two years. (Since 2014)
Why did you want to become a model? I was born with eczema all over my body except for my face, with an exception of an accident scar on my forehead. Also being Asian and in the performing arts, pursuing a career in the entertainment industry was questionable and frowned upon. I want to show younger generations that loving yourself and following your dreams, is one of the best ways to live your life.
Which do you prefer runway or photo shoots, why? I prefer photo shoots, because I absolutely love capturing moments. 
Who are your inspirations? Fei Fei Sun and Audrey Hepburn. They definitely have a sense of glam and class that is so admirable.
Are you against nude modeling, why or why not? I give mad props to the models that have the courage to model nude. I’m not against it, but I prefer not to do it. My body is for me, personally, and the person I love. Other people have no business in seeing it.
What personality traits do you think you have that should make you a good model? I am very friendly and a strong communicator. When I’m modeling, I love to have fun and be myself. That’s usually how great moments are captured. 
Do you think that models today have more freedom that they did in the past? Why or why not? Definitely. With the belief that gender is nonexistent and taking topless pictures to support a cause happening in this generation, models today make huge statements including their own opinions.
Do you think that music videos have changed the face of today’s modeling industry? Why or why not? Not entirely. Music videos usually have a great amount of creativity included, and with those moments, spark creation in how a model should look or present themselves. Every artist has a different vision on what they want to create. 
In your opinion how has social media changed the face of the modeling industry as we know it today? Modeling isn’t just going into a studio or getting your face published in a magazine anymore. Nowadays, taking a selfie at the right angle, with the right lighting, basically considers you as a model. It’s definitely great exposure, but is almost in a way, unfair to those who are trying to pursue this as a career. 

What are your personal goals for the next 5 years? I want to continue to be doing what I love, and getting a steady income from my craft. My goal is to make a name for myself and I need people to know who I am and all that I’m capable of. And of course, I want to get married and have children before I’m a certain age. 
Who is your favorite photographer to work with and why? My favorite photographer would have to be my uncle, Thomas Lam. He travels the world taking pictures of racecars. And he gets paid for it. I have his books, and his work is phenomenal. What inspires me most is that he is living his dream, and nothing is holding him back.
If there was anyone real or fictional/past or present that you could meet who would it be and why? There are two people I want to meet, and it was difficult for me to choose between the two. I would like to meet Ne-Yo and Michael B. Jordan. Ne-Yo because he creates such raw and beautiful music, I really want to know where he pulls his inspiration from. Michael B. Jordan because of his driven mindset. I was reading an article on him saying that he’s spending his 20’s solely focusing on his career, that he has all of his 30’s to go out and party. I absolutely want to his pick his brain about his passion, how he did it, and how he fought temptation. 
Please tell us about your first photo shoot/runway experience? My first photo shoot was when I was in 7th grade and it was in Hong Kong. My mom had brought me to a studio where they were taking pictures. And I remember -  I had so much fun trying on the clothes and getting my hair and make-up done. My favorite was a prom/wedding gown that was light pink, on one shoulder, and insanely puffy. I absolutely felt like a princess that day.
Please tell us about any publications that you have done work for? None that I can think of right now, but I have done a lifestyle commercial for a well known company in Korea. 
Where can people find you online? IG – april.lam, FB – April Lam, Tumblr –, Website – 
Who is your favorite actor? This is a hard question. I admire actors like Will Smith, Christian Bale, Viola Davis, and Steve Carell. But my all around favorite performer is Lea Salonga.
What is your favorite television show? I like to watch TV when I’m trying to wind down. So, my favorite show to wind down to is Family Guy. Used to be Glee though.
What is your favorite genre of music? I’m usually open to different kinds of music. But I love listening to pop and r&b.
Who is your favorite music artist? I absolutely love John Legend. His songs are so full of passion and love. He sounds better live than his recordings.
What advice do you have for anyone that is trying to break into the modeling industry? Always do your research. Just because an opportunity may seem like the best thing that will ever happen to you, it could be completely fake. 
What else would you like our readers to know about you that we haven’t covered yet? I encourage all of you guys to live every day to the fullest. Not so much of if it was your last, but definitely embrace every moment. If you feel stuck in life, change something about it. As long as you’re living your purpose, you will be happy. And you deserve to be happy.